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executor, louisville probate, settle kentucky estateTips For Executors

An executor is a person that is named in a will to settle an estate of a decedent.  This is both an honorable and important duty for the deceased’s family that needs careful attention.  If you have been named executor or personal representative for an estate then you have probably figured out that it is a very specific and sometimes cumbersome task to complete.

This article is designed for giving you some tips that will guide you through some of the steps along the way as well as point you to other resources that may help as well. Read the rest of this entry

executor and personal representativeHelp For Executors And Personal Representatives In Settling Estates

Let me begin by asking you this question.  What can I do to help you make settling this estate easier on you?

You have been honored with the title of Executor to the estate of a loved one.  With this honor comes a myriad of tasks and responsibilities that most are inexperienced with how the process works in settling an estate.

In many estates, the house or real estate is the largest asset to figure out how and what to do with.  This asset is also the cash source for distributing debt repayment and inheritances to the heirs.  If the decedent is a close loved one; dispersing of personal belongings is an emotionally draining job as well. Read the rest of this entry