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Here is a Louisville landlord tip that will save you some money, relieve a headache, and put $50 in your pocket.

So do you have an apartment or house turnover that you are preparing for a new tenant? While during your walk through, you notice the refrigerator is avocado green and running on its last leg. In order for you to get an additional $25 in rent on the next tenant you’ll need a new fridge. But what are you going to do with the old one. Before you call the 1-800 Junk guys; consider this. Read the rest of this entry

monopolyAt some point in our real estate businesses the need to sell off one or more of our properties becomes necessary for a variety of reasons like, raising equity for another purchase, 1031 exchange to a bigger property, or reducing your portfolio.  The timing in those types of sales don’t Read the rest of this entry

hole Landlord tip:  Avoid emergency differed maintenance costs to repair water lines

Louisville Landlords, this is not the usual tenant training tip that I usually offer.  But it is a subject that could save you thousands of dollars in repair of your Louisville rental property.

Inside every bill I receive Read the rest of this entry

Gasmask_m45VPU-1Educate your tenants to know the signs of natural gas leaks

Landlording has its responsibilities, not only unclogging toilets and repairing failing electric outlets but also, in my opinion to conduct tenant training that will protect themselves from danger. Instructing Louisville tenants on what to look for in a suspected natural gas leak, may save their lives if it’s a major one and may save your asset if it’s a small one that’s easily repairable. Read the rest of this entry

Louisville Landlords With Fireplaces When the weather gets colder outside, your tenants may turn to that amenity you touted during the showing of the house, the fireplace.

Late December or January is when most Louisville Rental tenants start thinking about lighting the fireplace rather than spin the thermostat for warmth.

Either prior to this season or even prior to renting the unit look to these safety steps to take to keep your tenants protected as well as your asset. Read the rest of this entry

Louisville Landlord Tenant TipsOK you all know that the 3 T’s don’t stand for Tenant Training Tip, maybe they should. Most of us know that phrase as Tenants, Termites, and Toilets.

The reasons most don’t want to participate in cash flowing properties in Louisville. For those that do and do it well, here is a tip that if you can train your tenants to avoid; you’ll get less toilet calls in the middle of the night. Read the rest of this entry

Louisville Landlord Tenant TrainingWhile flooding doesn’t happen often in Louisville area rental markets, this year has given us a scare to the possibilities and even small experiences with flooding as of late. You as the Landlord have some prevention steps as well as tenant training responsibilities that hopefully are incorporated into your unit turnaround checklist as well as covered in your move in checklists with your tenants.

Below are some government sites that provide some direction on what to do before, during, and after a flood occurs. Read the rest of this entry

Electricity safety for Louisville Landlords and tenantsUnfortunately, electricity safety isn’t on our foremost thoughts in our day to day life. But it is an important topic that should be given some attention as to what the responsibilities are of the homeowner or tenant of that property. Read the rest of this entry

Are You Tired Of Being A Landlord?

1012701_558570700867104_589716148_nRecently, I have heard and read countless accounts of people who own rental houses getting tired of being a landlord.  They tell stories of renters that destroy their properties, calling at all hours with non-emergency toilet troubles, and most tenants can’t pay their rent as agreed causing owners cash flow problems.

Almost every one of these stories of tired landlords ends with a plea for relief. They want out but either don’t know how or don’t want a total loss of their supposed asset. Read the rest of this entry