Electricity safety for Louisville Landlords and tenantsUnfortunately, electricity safety isn’t on our foremost thoughts in our day to day life. But it is an important topic that should be given some attention as to what the responsibilities are of the homeowner or tenant of that property.

Some homes have overhead electrical services, and the need to understand the basics of how it works and which parts is either the responsibility of the homeowner or utility provider to maintain.

As published by Louisville Gas & Electric here is their list of who is responsible for each piece.

Responsibility of the Homeowner
·         Weatherhead/masthead-the vertical pipe-like structure attached to the top of the meter box
·         Meter base- the box, meter socket and any wiring inside the box
·         Items or cables that secure the masthead and/or box to your home
·         Attachment point (eyebolt, etc.) that secures the electric service drop

Responsibility of LG&E
·         Electric distribution poles
·         Transformers
·         Electric lines within right of way
·         Meter- glass-enclosed meter inside the meter box
·         Service drop- the cable that runs from the utility pole to your home

As the homeowner and/or landlord, if you find that repairs are needed in any of your areas of responsibility; you should contact a licensed electrician.  This is the safest way to handle any maintenance needed on this list of items.

Should you find damage or needed repairs needed to LG&E responsible areas, call them at 502-589-1444 and they’ll send a crew to make the necessary repairs.

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