Here is a Louisville landlord tip that will save you some money, relieve a headache, and put $50 in your pocket.

So do you have an apartment or house turnover that you are preparing for a new tenant? While during your walk through, you notice the refrigerator is avocado green and running on its last leg. In order for you to get an additional $25 in rent on the next tenant you’ll need a new fridge. But what are you going to do with the old one. Before you call the 1-800 Junk guys; consider this.

Louisville Gas and Electric has a program established where they will come to your property and pick up that old fridge that is really no longer efficient and costing your tenants additionally on their electric bill. That’s extra money they could be giving you the landlord.

LG&E started this program in 2012. Since then they have recycled more than 25,000 units. It’s easy with minimal requirements and they will send you a check for $50 when they pick up the old unit.

First call them at 502-589-1444 or visit to schedule a pick up.

Rules for the program

  •         Appliance must be full size (at least 7.75 cubic feet)
  •         In working order. Just needs to run.
  •         Empty. No food left inside,  but dirty is OK.
  •         Accessible for removal. Not hidden in a basement behind a tower of boxes. They won’t move anything around to get to it.

The checks usually come a couple of weeks after removal.

Add this tip to your arsenal of maintaining nice properties for you tenants that command the highest rent possible. Hauling out the old, less efficient appliance will save your tenant’s expense on higher electric bills (possible extra rent coming to you), the $50 cash will reduce the replacement cost of the refrigerator, and make an overall nicer appearance to your property.

If you are tired of maintaining your rental property; give me a call or email. I am always looking for a new Louisville rental property.

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