Louisville Landlord Tenant TrainingWhile flooding doesn’t happen often in Louisville area rental markets, this year has given us a scare to the possibilities and even small experiences with flooding as of late. You as the Landlord have some prevention steps as well as tenant training responsibilities that hopefully are incorporated into your unit turnaround checklist as well as covered in your move in checklists with your tenants.

Below are some government sites that provide some direction on what to do before, during, and after a flood occurs.

flood information http://www.ready.gov/floods

Here are over 20 Flood Facts  Landlords should know.

Here is a brochure that offers ideas to Louisville Landlords already in floodplains Homeowner’s Guide to Retrofitting  Six Ways to Protect Your House From Flooding

Should a flood occur train your tenant to adhere to these common-sense rules to follow.

  • Without wading into water, shut off the gas, water, and electricity. Don’t walk into a basement that is flooded avoiding risk of electrocution. Many tenants in a panic will not do this but if you train them you can at least follow up with them when they are in a safe place to find out if this step was done.
  • They should move their vehicles to higher ground
  • Take all pets during an evacuation
  • Stay out of flood waters. Six inches of moving water can sweep an adult off of their feet and a couple of feet of moving water can sweep away a vehicle.

Prepare for the worst in your rentals and the worst may never happen. But if it does you’ll be more prepared for it by reading this article, which is not meant as a guide or checklist but really to raise your awareness as a landlord to investigate the risk and mitigate as many possible dangers for not only your cash flowing asset but mostly the tenants that live there.

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