Gasmask_m45VPU-1Educate your tenants to know the signs of natural gas leaks

Landlording has its responsibilities, not only unclogging toilets and repairing failing electric outlets but also, in my opinion to conduct tenant training that will protect themselves from danger. Instructing Louisville tenants on what to look for in a suspected natural gas leak, may save their lives if it’s a major one and may save your asset if it’s a small one that’s easily repairable.

Either way you, the Louisville landlord is the hero for taking the time to care for your tenants.  So make this a part of your lease signing appointment or send them a monthly letter with this tip.

The information below was gathered from the insert mailed to me from LG&E in my utility bill.  I thought the article this month was so important that I wanted to make sure I shared it with anyone I know, especially the Louisville Land lords.

Signs of a Natural Gas Leak:

Odor: If you smell something faint like rotten eggs or sulfur in or around your house; open doors and windows to ventilate until the location of the source can be discovered.  However, if that odor is strong ensure that everyone leaves the house immediately, including the pets.

Sounds: If you hear a hissing or whistling sound; you could have a gas leak

Plant discoloration, bubbling water, and blowing dust are definite signs that you have a pipeline leak.  As you can imagine the gas if blowing on plants or flowers will cause them to wilt and die.  The bubbling water occurs if the ground is moist and the gas below is causing the bubbles.  Conversely, a dry environment will have evidence of dust or dirt blowing up from the ground.


What to do if you in fact discover a leak.

DON’T use the phone near the leak, even a mobile could ignite the gas to flame

DON’T unplug anything. Again the spark from the outlet could ignite.

DON’T start your car near the leak.

Go to a neighbor’s house and call Louisville Gas & Electric to report the issue.  502-589-1444 and outside of Louisville 800-331-7370 then press 1-1-1 for both numbers.

Call the local Police to inform them of your situation.

LG&E ensures that natural gas is a safe source of power and maintains and inspects all lines throughout their service area. They have more information about natural gas safety on their site

To drive home the importance of not second-guessing natural gas leaks here is a video of the top 10 most devastating gas explosions and fires. Louisville Landlords it is imperative that you share this tenant training with your Louisville rental occupants.

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