Louisville Landlord Tenant TipsOK you all know that the 3 T’s don’t stand for Tenant Training Tip, maybe they should. Most of us know that phrase as Tenants, Termites, and Toilets.

The reasons most don’t want to participate in cash flowing properties in Louisville. For those that do and do it well, here is a tip that if you can train your tenants to avoid; you’ll get less toilet calls in the middle of the night.

Flush-able Wipes

An oxymoron of a concept are actually clogging toilets. Wipes don’t break down in the waste water no matter what the label states. They are known for causing home plumbing problems all over the country, not just in Louisville KY. They lead to sewer backups problems, damage to line pumps, screens and any other mechanical parts at water treatment centers. This increases the cost to wastewater utilities which in turn is passed to the consumer.

Locally MSD employees repair clogged pumps two out of every three days of operation. The wipes have caused 60% of these clogs. There is even a lawsuit in process that proves the increase in potential costs.  Class Action Lawsuit Link

Back to our own toilets, I know that you can’t be there every time the toilet is flushed. But what you can do is plead the case to your tenants to avoid this practice. Explain to them the dangers of flush-able wipes to the toilet system and how those repair costs that could occur affect the rent they pay.

Explanation in this way may hit home with them literally. Obviously frequent repairs to the house they are renting have to add to the increase costs to maintain the property. This can only be compensated by an increase in monthly rent. Again, that increase in rent affects the tenant’s monthly budget, even if it’s only a few additional dollars a month.

Here are some resources to arm yourself as well as refer your tenants to educate themselves on the Wipes.

New York Post article: Clogging Drains City wide

Consumer Reports video: 41 seconds of evidence

Are Flushable Wipes Really Flushable?


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