Gasmask_m45VPU-1Educate your tenants to know the signs of natural gas leaks

Landlording has its responsibilities, not only unclogging toilets and repairing failing electric outlets but also, in my opinion to conduct tenant training that will protect themselves from danger. Instructing Louisville tenants on what to look for in a suspected natural gas leak, may save their lives if it’s a major one and may save your asset if it’s a small one that’s easily repairable. Read the rest of this entry

Louisville Landlords With Fireplaces When the weather gets colder outside, your tenants may turn to that amenity you touted during the showing of the house, the fireplace.

Late December or January is when most Louisville Rental tenants start thinking about lighting the fireplace rather than spin the thermostat for warmth.

Either prior to this season or even prior to renting the unit look to these safety steps to take to keep your tenants protected as well as your asset. Read the rest of this entry


Rent to ownYou are about to learn how to rent to own Louisville KY houses and determine if this program is for you. In a nutshell, when you rent to buy houses it allows you to benefit in many ways while settling your feet firmly on financial ground and at the same time offering pride of home ownership to you and your family.

If you have found yourself in situations like many people I have met; Read the rest of this entry