house with arrow_1People who have a house to sell as a result of being tired of landlording, going through a divorce, or inherited a property that they don’t want are all looking for the same thing. They want to sell the house as fast as possible and for the highest price possible. Read the rest of this entry

Sell Your House FastI saw this question come up on “I’m getting transferred in my Job. Scared that I’m not going to be able to sell my house because of upside down. What to do?”

It got me thinking about how many people are feeling this way.  How can I help them feel better about their situation?  I want to assure them that it’s going to be OK, and there are options to sell your house fast. Read the rest of this entry

imagesSelling your home For Sale By Owner, FSBO sounds like a great idea on the surface.  The thought is offering it yourself and avoid that big fat realtor commission that takes thousands out of your net from the sale.  I think that is the major reason people sell their house using this strategy but usually end up Read the rest of this entry

Are You Tired Of Being A Landlord?

1012701_558570700867104_589716148_nRecently, I have heard and read countless accounts of people who own rental houses getting tired of being a landlord.  They tell stories of renters that destroy their properties, calling at all hours with non-emergency toilet troubles, and most tenants can’t pay their rent as agreed causing owners cash flow problems.

Almost every one of these stories of tired landlords ends with a plea for relief. They want out but either don’t know how or don’t want a total loss of their supposed asset. Read the rest of this entry