imagesSelling your home For Sale By Owner, FSBO sounds like a great idea on the surface.  The thought is offering it yourself and avoid that big fat realtor commission that takes thousands out of your net from the sale.  I think that is the major reason people sell their house using this strategy but usually end up Read the rest of this entry

Are You Tired Of Being A Landlord?

1012701_558570700867104_589716148_nRecently, I have heard and read countless accounts of people who own rental houses getting tired of being a landlord.  They tell stories of renters that destroy their properties, calling at all hours with non-emergency toilet troubles, and most tenants can’t pay their rent as agreed causing owners cash flow problems.

Almost every one of these stories of tired landlords ends with a plea for relief. They want out but either don’t know how or don’t want a total loss of their supposed asset. Read the rest of this entry